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Our #PVD cafes include: 
~ AS220 Food Cafe - Empire  St - DownCity
~ Small Point Cafe - Westminster St - DownCity
~ Starbucks - Atwells Ave - Hilton Hotel 
~ Starbucks - Wayland Square
~ Seven Stars Bakery - Broadway
~ Bolt Coffee - Fountain  St
~ New Harvest Coffee & Spirits - Arcade DownCity

Six Golden Rules of Etiquette
for PVDesign Cafe & Coffee Shops

30-Minute Max Limit Per PVDesign Cafe Client Meetings 
Official Guidelines for Designers & Design Clients Of The PVDesign Cafe

1. We Will Always Buy Something.

We will always buy something. Coffee and baked good purchases are expected for the 30 minute design client meeting maximum. PVDesigners always clean up after ourselves and leave a tip.  

2. Ask & Make Connections

Arriving early for the PVDesign Cafe appt we will always speak to the barista or manager in charge and ask if it is OK to work on a laptop & WiFi info. This saves awkwardness of ordering and sitting down, only to discover there is no connection.

3. Choose The Table.

We will sit as far away from the action as possible. Tucked into a corner when necessary. We will not occupy any more space than we have to. One chair per person. We will keep things looking as neat and tidy as possible. 

4. Sound & Headphones

We stick with basic stuff, and keep the conversations to appropriate levels. We do not use sound on computers. Headphones are a must if it is required to show a design client.  

5. No Calls Inside

We do not take calls inside the coffee shop or cafe. We go outside. Of course, talking on the phone is very different to having a conversation with design clients in person.

6. Talk to Others.

At the DesignCafe we believe there is a reason we do not meet design clients at a library. We encourage our designers  to engage in conversation, eye contact and smile even briefly with coffee shop staff & fellow patrons. 
And we always leave a tip.